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The Spy Series

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The Usurper General - Book I: The Spy Series

The Usurper General - Book I: The Spy Series cover


The mole has been caught. The network has collapsed and is on the run in Indonesia. The Foreign Ministers in the Australian Government has panicked because he can see the potential political scandal destroying his career.

In the late 1990's, the timing could not be worse. President Suharto is approaching his retirement with the Indonesian's political parties and military plotting to take control of the country. This is the middle the worst financial crisis the region has ever seen.

Stuart McKennzie is forced out of retirement to re-establish a new spy network so the Australian Government can monitor the chaos.

While Stuart's team is penetrating the Indonesian Government they uncover a plot that threatens to start a regional war, a war that could spread and turn South-East Asia into a battlefield.

The Usurper General is the first in a new series of spy thrillers by Gregory C Langtry.


The Rogue God Series

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The Coming Darkness - Book I: The Rogue God Series

The Coming Darkness - The Rogue God Series Book 1 cover


A Dark Elf, last survivor of his peers, attempts to fulfil his lifelong ambition to remove the false gods from the land by performing a magical nisus, opening a portal to return them to their old world. While casting his spell, the dark elf loses control and inadvertently creates a doorway to the wrong world.

Shocked at discovering the impossible, two outlanders travel through the portal. On their arrival, they see vast riches and dream of great wealth. They learn that this land is on the verge of turmoil as Gods and mortal races scheme to enforce their will.

Cerridwen, a goddess who has been imprisoned by the greater gods for centuries, unleashes her plan to regain freedom. Using the darkest of magic to look into the future, she discovers that the two outlanders and a coven of Wicca witches are destined to stop her at the height of her power. In alarm Cerridwen orders her son Afagddu to murder the witches to change the future - only to begin a chain of events that will have disastrous effects on all of the peoples of the land.

The outlanders, overwhelmed by the turmoil which has confronted them, attempt to leave, only to learn they are cut off by an army of orcs. Despite narrowly escaping the orcs and other incomprehensible horrors, the two outlanders learn they are part of a prophecy that must be fulfilled if ever they are to return home.

The Coming Darkness is the first book in a series of epic fantasy novels by Gregory C. Langtry.

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The Mad Goddess - Book II: The Rogue God Series

The Mad Goddess - The Rogue God Series Book 2 cover


While great armies march to war and conquest James and Harry learn more of the secrets that threaten the Land and become further entwined in the turmoil that threatens all. To their dismay they discover the adventure has now endangered their own world to horrors they could never have considered possible. As their journey continues they find their courage is constantly being tested as they must outwit a vengeful Goddess, avoid invading armies and find a way to help the people and save their own world.